New Round Rock Sprinkler / Irrigation Business

New Round Rock Sprinkler / Irrigation Business

Round Rock Sprinkler Irrigation Repair Georgetown Cedar ParkI have officially started a new sprinkler installation and repair business called Smart Water Sprinklers & Landscape based in Round Rock and serving the greater Austin area. The focus will be on the use of new technology that allows efficient use of water while keeping your landscape green. This includes Smart Controllers that automatically adjust each zone’s weekly watering time based on real-time weather recorded on your property, rotary spray nozzles, and drip irrigation setups.

Sprinkler Services Offered:

  • Inspect sprinklers and irrigation system for leaks and efficiency
  • Repair breaks in pipe, leaks, and broken heads
  • New irrigation system installation
  • Controller and head upgrades
  • Post-pool or patio install fixes
  • Adding zones
  • Moving heads for better coverage

I will continue to practice real estate, this is just an extension of my services. Your home’s landscaping impacts your property’s value, so this business plays right into an area I understand.

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