Deals and Discounts on New Houses

Deals and Discounts on New Houses

deals and discounts on new houses round rock real estateAre you shopping for a new construction house?  Before you contact builders, make sure you speak with me about how to save money, and put my name down on the registration form all builders give you when you step inside the model home!!

If you have already started to speak with area builders, you might have noticed that most, if not all, are unwilling to discount the price of the house if you are planning on building from scratch.

Discounted New Houses

But did you know, that builders often have brand new, inventory houses that can be heavily discounted?  Sometimes builders build houses before they have a buyer because some buyers need to see the house in person before making the decision to buy.  These are often called “spec homes” because the builder goes by standard specifications.

In other instances, buyers back out of the purchase of a house due to a myriad of reasons: loss of job, relocation, cannot sell their current home, etc.  These houses can be at any step of the building process and typically have some or all of the options already picked by the original buyer.

Opportunity for Deals

With either situation, the builders have already invested money in the costs to build these houses.  The longer these houses sit without a buyer’s name attached to them, the more it costs the builder in interest and the unavailability of funds to build elsewhere.  Builders want these kind of houses sold quickly.

To do so, you may see builders advertising a slight discount on existing inventory homes.  What you don’t see, is that builders also promote additional incentives to real estate agents to bring more clients by to see these houses.  From experience, builders are also more willing to negotiate down from the current list price, sometime providing a deep discount to get a property off the books.

I can help find you these discounts on brand new inventory houses.  I can even try to rebate you part of my buyer’s agent commission. Contact me today find out how.


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