Sell Your House Fast and for Less Money

Selling your house in Round Rock or Austin does not have to be expensive and shouldn’t take very long. I can save you money by offering a tiered selection of services to assist you in the selling process. This means that you pay ONLY for the services that you need and no more. Listings made easy!

Traditionally, the seller pays both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent a 3% commission on the final price of the home. If you choose me as your listing agent, you have the option to save 1% on the price of your home. This means that on a home with a selling price of $200,000, you could reduce the cost to sell your house by $2,000! Contact me today and let’s discuss selling your house and saving you money.

Options to Sell Your House

All options include: unlimited consultation with staging advice, negotiation, and contract to closing coordination
   Services Provided Sale Commission
Option #1
  • Basic photography – 25 photos taken by agent
  • One (1) open house
  • Custom flyers printed in B&W
Seller Pays 2%*
Option #2
  • Professional photos and Virtual Tour
  • Up to 1 open house per month
  • Custom flyers printed in Color
Seller Pays 3%*
Option #2 Bonus for listings $400k right arrowprofessional floorplan created for marketing materials!

*Commission is calculated based on selling price. Percentages do not include Buyer’s agent commission. Minimum listing price is $150,000 for these options, ask agent for details. Not available on short sales.