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Eric Poortinga, REALTOR® – Round Rock Real Estate Agent

Eric Poortinga Round Rock Real Estate Agent

Me with my wife Shannon

I don’t blame you for wanting to know a little more about the person that might help you with one the biggest financial transactions in your life. Real Estate is a relationship business and you should be working with a real estate agent that you can trust, enjoy being around, and knows Round Rock and surrounding Austin area. Hopefully what you see here provides insight to who I am so that you are willing to contact me, so I can get to know you and understand what I can do to help.

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Sweet home Chicago!

Texas has been home since 1999 when I first arrived in Austin for an internship at a local tech company.  As many people do, I fell in love with the weather, people, and environment.  I actually grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, so my sports loyalty still remains firmly with the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks.  I have no problem rooting for Texas teams as long as they aren’t playing my hometown favorites.

Following in the footsteps of my father, I decided to pursue an engineering degree at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.  Besides an avalanche of snow every winter, Rochester was a great place.  Miss the Dibella’s subs and a variety of hot wings from many places.  Graduating with a BS in Microelectronic Engineering, I quickly headed back to Texas, working for the same tech company, but at their facility in the Dallas suburb of Allen.

Two years of Big-D is all I could handle, and transferred back to Austin and have been here ever since.  In 2004 I took a job with a German company that builds equipment for the semiconductor industry.  Over the 5 years I was with them, I racked up over 1,000,000 American Airline miles flying all over the world.  As you can imagine, that much business travel becomes tiresome.

So in 2009, I quit my job (was that so wise in the middle of a recession?) and enrolled in Acton School of Business in downtown Austin to get my MBA.  Cramming an MBA into 9 months was exciting and well worth the lack of sleep.  Learned a great deal about the management and financial side of business that I was never able to experience in my tech jobs. Was presented an opportunity to become a REALTOR® and start Flex Real Estate with my friend, and broker, Shibani Limaye.

Today, besides drumming up real estate business, I am working on a couple of other start-up business ideas.  Hobbies include golf, gardening, and motorcycles.